Tailrace Kids


Come and be a part of Tailrace Kids, where we love kids and love to see kids discover who they are!

They say that it takes a community to raise a child, and at Tailrace Kids we have so many different programs that make up our community for children. Your kids will have loud, messy, crazy fun. They’ll meet great role models and make friendships that will last them for life. At Tailrace Kids we always do whatever it takes to make a kids day. Whether that’s making time for a quick chat, helping kids make new friends or by being absolutely ridiculously silly! W

e are passionate about letting kids know that they matter, and we do everything we can to let them know that. So come and get your kids involved in Tailrace Kids, the best community for Children!





As a community for kids, we run a wide range of different regular programs for preschool and primary aged kids. At our Kids Clubs and other programs kids have crazy fun, make great friendships and interact with positive role models.

Jumping castles, singing, craft and messy games are always a part of all our programs!


Catch up on some of our great stories and resources with your kids online.


As a community we are passionate about speaking into the lives of children and letting them know that they matter. As a centre we host Launceston's signature kids events, such as our Enchanted Evening, Warrior Night and Gross Christmas or our Holiday Programs, Date Nights and Camps.